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Constant Change

September 22, 2009

Remember the name of my old blog?? ‘The Only Constant Is Change’. Constant change is the norm. Well, moreso than ever that is continuing to hold true.

My boarder is moving tomorrow. I finally got confirmation of that after he had been ducking my calls and ignoring my messages. Hallelujah!!

Late Saturday we learned that one of Lynda’s brothers (she has 10 of them) is in need of a place to stay because his marriage blew up suddenly. He’s in the process of moving in with us – bit by bit.

Sunday was a hit the ground running day and it didn’t quit until it was time to hit the sheets late that evening. On arriving at my A.A. service committee meeting I learned I had suddenly been promoted from Alternate Chair to Chairperson – that will last for the remainder of our term; another year. I was only half awake cuz I’d had at best 4 hours sleep but I muddled through with some good support from others at the executive table. The rest of the day was busy but mainly boring everyday stuff.

Yesterday and today I’ve gone through a bunch of boxes that had remained unpacked since I moved back in with Lynda…. hmmm; 16 months ago now? Trying to make room for the brother-in-law. In sorting through I’ve managed to get rid of some junk but there have been a few treasures unearthed as well. Stuff I had forgotten I owned.

No rest for the wicked – time to get back at it.