Under The Wire

September 27, 2009

A post for ‘postings’ sake. It’s just before midnight Sunday evening – back at work for another week of nights.

September is almost done already with too few days to get my post numbers up. A little work to do on that. Hmmm….. visits are down, too.

all too soon

all too soon

Haahh! Just kidding! We’re enjoying some summery weather which has carried over into fall. Warm, humid, a bit of rain, some sun.

Okay 11:56 – gotta go.



  1. je t’adore. I do- adore you. In your corner over here, going forward while all around the internet (it sometimes feels this way) people are falling in love or falling down with grief, or just terrible preoccupied with this season, the season of school and new starts.

    You still make time to listen to a song or two. And actually read books that another recommended. And think on stuff, consider and grow.

    That’s so freakin’ cool, you know? That’s the critical difference I think, between different types of people. Some people find a comfortable point and stop, and some people grow and learn their entire life.

    You’re one of those kinds.

  2. Well young lady, I’d like you to know you’ve just succeeded in making my night. Right back at you – je t’adore. Types of people?? You’re my kind. I like that you confront and push the boundries of your creativity; pour so much of yourself into your work with such care.

    Actually I was kicking my own butt last week because I had just missed the deadline to register for an on-line course. If I could I would happily ensconce myself back in a classroom / lecture hall to add to the mish-mash between my ears. I’m feeling stuck and need ‘newness’ in order to refresh.

    Cousin BJ has a reading club happening so I’ll pass on your list to her. I meant to recommend one I just finished: Margaret Atwood’s ‘Moral Disorder’.

    Did you like the song? I heard it while driving to work tonight and thought you’d like it.

    I continue to marvel at the friendships that have blossomed through blogging. We ought to convene,…. talk, laugh, share a meal.

  3. The song was simply perfect. Margaret Atwood- she has a shattering style, I always need to feel fortified before I start to read her. (does that make any sense?)

    There’s a really interesting poem by her, though, that another blogger posted once and I kept going back to read. I’ll link it here, if I can find it.

    We should. It would be nice to get a bunch of people together eventually from this little blogging community, lots of kindred spirits I think.


  4. Glad you enjoyed the song. It was new to my ears but it made an immediate impression on me – a very hopeful message carried by an interesting voice. The ‘band’ version has some nice slide guitar work on it, too.

    I found Moral Disorder to be a very accessible read; thought provoking but not daunting. (part of that is that most of the locations the stories refer to are pretty local) I was aware throughout of her ability to vividly paint images with her words – such craft! Most every story ended with a knuckle-ball to the side of the head. But, yes, I know what you mean about wanting to gear up for some of her material.

    The poem manages to cover a lot of ground and styles over the course of it. You get insights, perspectives, attitudes, a profile, glimpses. She really plugs into the senses – odors, qualities of light, appearance – and everyday things seen and owned. Thanks Am for sharing this piece.

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