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Wow, October Already

October 1, 2009
re-post of 'Ice Tower' flare

re-post of 'Ice Tower' flare

(Taken one very cold day last winter.)

These last few days have seen a massive change in the weather and the forecasters are saying the summery temps are OVER. We’re firmly into fall now. Along with a big southerly dip in the jet stream came a big, slow moving¬†low pressure system which brought days of on-and-off rain – mist, drizzle, showers and deluges – and wind; lots and lots of wind. It’s 4 a.m. and down to about 5C or 40F. If it were just a bit more humid and a degree or two cooler we would have frost. Shucks – maybe tomorrow night.

With the onset of the cooler weather I’ve started into my perpetual chill stage which will last until March or April. It’s the one big disadvantage of being underweight (and a smoker)¬†– all it takes is a cool breeze and I’m all gooseflesh and chilled to the bone. Lord help me when the real cold weather arrives. There’s already an extra afghan on my side of the bed and I broke out my long underwear today for the season. Ho, ho, ho…..! ‘Cold hands; warm heart’, the old saying goes. One more incentive to quit smoking; fewer trips outside.


Do you use a reader for automatic updates on blog posts and news feeds?? Got a favourite? Ron tipped me that he uses ‘Outlook’ and that blog posts come as emails. I was using both an iGoogle page as well as WordPress’ ‘Readomattic’. Kel turned me on to ‘Bloglines’ and I’m liking it. (I don’t bother with my iGoogle page anymore.) I have 16 blog feeds as well as subscriptions to 4 of their partner feeds. (Interesting stuff on Cool Tools, Engadget, Slashdot.) Is there anything better out there?? Talk to me people……