Profile Pic/k-ture

October 2, 2009

In hopes of using something distinctive and recogizable I decided to use a section of my custom header photo.

Unmerited Gifts

Unmerited Gifts

Some of you might remember the original shot which was taken at the Bob Dylan concert we attended here in town almost a year ago. Not bad for a cell phone camera photo.

Hey LOOK! There's Zimmy!

Hey LOOK! There's Zimmy!

(I ran it through ‘Dumpr’s’ Alien Vision effect – see right sidebar under ‘Fun Stuff’.) {Below, bonus Bob photo.}

Bob Dylan graphic

Bob Dylan graphic

So, having made the choice for the I.D. / Profile picture all of a sudden I find myself wanting to change the header photo. I’ll see if I can’t resist the urge and maintain for a bit to see if it doesn’t just go away.


  1. It stands out for sure. 🙂

  2. Kinda razzy, huh? 😉

  3. okay, so you’ve inspired me to set up a profile pic for myself, now, let’s see if it works . . .

  4. nope, i’m still a green pattern randomly generated by wordpress… ah well

  5. Sometimes it takes an hour or so to sift through the system before it ‘takes’.

  6. may i try again ?

  7. hmmm, does wordpress only use profile pics from wordpress bloggers?

  8. hmmm. beyond my knowledge level, Kel. not sure. I know the pic of owen and I also showed cuz I used it as my windows live i.d., too. must check that and see which displays.

  9. I see the new kanga shot on your page but it doesn’t show here (dammit). Too bad – you’d think they ought to carry across platforms.

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