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October 4, 2009

To whit; some things I’ve come across this week –

I think whenever I find life overwhelming I’ll come back to this link and get right-sized again. It’s a brand new project to photograph the heavens – check it out. The article makes fascinating reading and the images will knock your eyes out. Be patient; it takes more than a few seconds to load. The top photograph is fully zoomable and movable.

After looking at this for a while my life troubles seemd awfully small.


I downloaded and tried this ambient white noise mp3 file as an aid to get to sleep. (download #4) It is intended for infants and I suppose it would likely be good for them. An adult brain tends to attempt to make sense of what it hears and I found after about 20 minutes that my mind was getting progressively more active, not less so. I’ll give it another couple of tries before giving up on this particular one. There are more out there that have been recommended to me.

Aahhh – the joys of insomnia, wot?


Just in case anyone missed the comment chatter about this post do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on this post at Heather’s AnuvueStudio blog featuring the work of artist Raina Colvin. On Raina’s site move your cursor over the headings for the different galleries of her work. In a word, AWESOME. Fine art including landscape, innerscapes, mandalas and book art.


Time for home and bed. Today is my sleep, relax and do nothing day. Peace – out.

bursting through

bursting through