October 6, 2009

I’m enjoying(?) a little downtime cuz it looks like I wore myself out enough that I’ve picked up a touch of the flu. Chills, a little fever, aches, nausea – lovely! But no rest for the wicked; my boss called to see if I could do one of those 26 hour sleep-over shifts tomorrow into Thursday morning. Sure, John; no problem. I’ll have two admissions to complete before noon and two discharges in the afternoon. Also, the fellow I share my night job with has asked me to cover for him Friday and Saturday night so I’ll be doing 9 nights in a row instead of seven…. arrgghhh! It looks like I had better be extra kind to myself so I don’t get really sick and run down.

Here’s a shot of something I had never seen before – my Mom giving me the ‘finger’. On this day she didn’t want her picture taken and saluted me instead. I love you anyway, Ma.

naughty girl

naughty girl

Oh Mabel – what are we going to do with you?? You’re a bad one.


  1. now there’s a shot for the family album


  2. ah, she’s my sweetie!

  3. *scolds*

    You should not be working 9 days in a row if you have this stuff! Many people have this stuff, I don’t know if it’s the same stuff or variations on a theme, but I thought I was done with it and feel dizzy and bad today. Robin could barely get out of bed-

    you might maybe want to call some back up favors of your own. To bed! Airborne, Orange Juice, Chicken Soup and 12 boxes of kleenex! (Also, try a few drops of Oil of Oregano in your juice in the morning, and subscribe to the ‘Honey’ line of healing…. I took honey in my tea, and a teaspoon plain the first round, and it really did help.)

    *shakes head*


  4. *abashed grin w/ accompanying shrug*

    Mea culpa…. but we’re all 6’10” tall and bulletproof until we actually get SICK, right?

    I did have a lazy day Tuesday, felt better. Worked all day and overnight yesterday and only felt rough in the last couple of hours before I sacked out for the night. Had a decent rest and feel pretty good today. Since getting home this a.m. I cut the front lawn and the worst part of the back. Debating about whether to get out there and finish or not…. I feel a nap coming on. I have steaks out for a bbq dinner and have to get them into a marinade.

    Sounds like a good recipe to beat the bug – oil of oregano, honey, chicken soup. I bow to your wisdom.


    Wimmen…. gotta love ’em!

  5. […] would be an understatement. I shoulda listened when blog-friend Amuirin chastized me the other day HERE. This flu / cold started off very mild but appears to be picking up steam with each passing day and […]

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