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October 8, 2009
lumberjack climbing competition

lumberjack climbing competition

Quicky check-in time to say I’m around – just busy trying to free up some time to rest. The overnight shift went well; both admissions showed up ready for treatment and both discharges completed the program satisfactorily. Good to see their progress.

I’m being introduced Saturday night to the EAP head of a large transportation workers union in hopes of getting some direction or advice regarding my job search. Substance abuse is a major problem that the large corporations are having to deal with more and more. Crossing my fingers for a good outcome and maybe some leads.



  1. okay, i’m painting a prayer for you this weekend!

  2. I’ll join with Kel and write one 🙂

    (What is EAP – employee assistance project or the like??)

  3. Thank you to my 2 Aussie connections – all positive vibes / prayers are greatly appreciated. This is the first bright spot to come along in a very long time. I hope it goes somewhere.

    You’re close Sue – Employee Assistance Program – generally an intermediary between employer and employee when a variety of employee needs have to be addressed. The EAP determines appropriate interventions, treatments, counselling or referrals and gets the okays for short / long term disability claims, etc.

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