Brag, Brag, Brag

October 13, 2009

Ah, what is it about grandparents and grandkids?? We can’t really take any credit for how they behave, or look, or their dispositions…. but we try anyway. With the addition of a new generation there is also the addition of a whole other mix into the DNA conglomeration. But brag and dote we do. Here are a few recent pics of our three starting with the eldest.



Forwarded by my daughter-in-law: Owen is all dressed up and ready to go to school on their annual ‘picture day’. Owen is 5 years, 9 months old. He’s a smart, outgoing, caring kid.



Lifted from my daughter’s Facebook page: from an outing this past Sunday to the pumpkin patch. Zeph is 2 years, 2 months old now. Sarah was telling me last night about how his vocabulary is rapidly growing and that she is trying to discourage him from dropping ‘F-Bombs’ even when it is appropriate to how he is feeling. ‘No, no Boo; instead of THAT, we say THIS.’



A shot taken by my son Russ and lifted from my daughter-in-law’s Facebook page. Madison is 15 months old. She has the disposition of an angel and big blue eyes to die for.


  1. ah grandparenting
    all the joys
    none of the daily grind
    brag on
    they all look very cute

  2. Yeah, I’ll continue to gratuitously post pics from time to time. I think I’m turning into an old softie.

  3. with cutie pies like that, anyone would

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