Falling Behind

October 16, 2009

My 7th night of work in a row; 2 to go…….

Though I try to post on a daily basis it seems it is best to keep quiet sometimes…. like last night. Not in a good mood, feeling rough, nothing positive to say….. so shush. I put in my time here at work doing as little as possible; just enough to make the hands on the clock move along. Caught up on a couple of emails,  commented on a few posts and then read more of Jeanette Walls ‘The Glass Castle’. A good, good read. I made it through the night without my head hitting the desk.

Locally, there is a saying about ‘ Buddy pissing in my cereal’ which when translated means someone is getting your day off to a very bad start causing anger and frustration. I’ve been dealing with some of that this week on top of being sick – not fun. More to do with my townhouse and the neighbours. We’ve also been on the receiving end of some bad health news regarding a family member. Lynda has taken next week off work and is planning to go stay and tend to her mother – Mother Mary. Mary is tough mentally but fragile physically; no wonder on both counts – mother of 16. But she’s been diagnosed with shingles. My Mom had them 8 or 9 years ago and we were afraid at the time we would lose her. She still suffers with pain from them. (Postherpetic neuralgia)  Anyway, lots of concern and worry over Mary. I’ll zip up for a day later in the week; it’s only an hour or so away.


Dramatically Changing Directions >>>>>> Next week when I have some time off I plan to finally follow through on a couple of old promises. Long, long time ago, a couple of years anyway…. a recipe mentioned in a post by Kel at Xfacta for ANZAC biscuits. Just dug up a recipe here but I have the original at home…. HERE. See… I even have one of the essential ingredients. (History of the biscuits and another recipe HERE)

Lyle's Golden Syrup

Lyle's Golden Syrup

The other promise is a much more recent one; a recipe posted by Kitty at ‘The Show Must Go On’. Her recipe for Strawberry Cake with Never-Fail Icing is HERE. If I don’t hurry up the strawberries will be out of season or cost a fortune; or both. It looks and sounds delicious so it would be too, too bad if I was forced to eat it all myself.

I haven’t made a mess in the kitchen for a long time and it’ll keep me out of mischief for a while.



  1. ahhh
    things always seem worse when you’re sick
    may you be well soon
    re your mother-in-law, many years ago, i used to work in a hydrotherapy clinic – shingles patients would spend time in a steam room – but their head used to stick out through a hole in the wall, their body inside all the steam ( a russian steam bath)

    between you me and the lampost, the strawberry cake looks yummier than the Anzac biccies, although the bics are great for dunking in coffee 🙂

  2. I think that sort of steam bath would confuse the hell out of my mind and body – how am I to feel?? Do you think it worked for the patients?

    Cake? Biscuits? All to the good when you have a sweet tooth like mine. Been Hoovering down lots of chocolate this week.

  3. Hey if you miss strawberry season, you could make it with bananas.
    The banana version is actually much much better.

    Good luck, and let me know how it comes out.

  4. I can’t imagine the bananas being better but I’ll keep it in mind. Major strawberry bias here.

    When I get to it, I’ll ping you….. and hopefully have pictures, too.

  5. i would vote for strawberries over bananas too!
    you know you’re gonna have to post photos now . . .

    russian steam baths are excellent for shingles care, by keeping the head out, with cold cloths on forehead, the body is able to withstand the hot steam better (sometimes it flares the condition initially, but once that settles, healing results are much faster overall – it helps rid the body of the cause (virus)

  6. Thanks Kel – interesting info. Lynda spoke to her Mom today and it sounds like her case isn’t as severe as what my Mom endured. There’s a specific anti-viral drug which they got her on right away and it seems to be working. I’ll mention the steam baths as a good adjunct.

    …. photos pending… must acquire all the ingredients yet and then get into it.

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