gniklat sdrawkcab><backwards talking

October 17, 2009

Silly, I know but… I realized tonight that when read backwards ‘Woo-Hoo’ becomes ‘ooH-ooW’. Doesn’t that completely change your world view for today?? I thought it would.





I couldn’t pick a fave so you get them both… for nothin’.


** Into night #8. I’m on the home stretch now; one to go. How am I feeling?? Still dragging butt, but better – certainly not any worse. No complaints, no whining. With 5 hours to go I think I’ll stick my nose back in my book and put some tunes on. The soundtrack will look like this:

Steve Earle – Washington Square Serenade; Susan Tedeschi – Hope and Desire; Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Raising Sand; Habib Koite – Afriki.


This will be a big A.A. week for me. When I get off work Sunday morning I get to sleep for a few hours before getting myself over to chair a committee meeting in the early afternoon. Monday evening it is my turn to chair my home group meeting(*note to self; get a speaker”). Starting next Friday and running through Saturday and Sunday I’m supposed to attend the Area 83 Assembly a couple of hours on down the highway. The ‘Area’ includes much of Southern Ontario and a portion of upper New York state. Sometime during the week I have to get together at the bank along with our district Treasurer in order to get me on as a signing authority on our account.




  1. Wow, mroN, ev’uoy erus tog a ysub keew gnimoc !qu I evol esoht niar !stohs

  2. !!ah, aH . ereH I thguoht ouy t’ndid evol me eromyna. dooG ot ees ouy.

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