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October 30, 2009

Here on the eve of unemployment, one by one, we’ve said our goodbyes. Talked about our hopes and plans for the future. Made all the usual promises to keep in touch.┬áRemembered the good works we have accomplished in this place, the lives transformed.

This week at each of the outside meeting places we attend I’ve addressed those present with the pertinent details and thanked the groups for the part they have played in the recovery of our clients. There has been a lot of shock, many questions, some outrage that a facility such as this could be closed in times like these. Business decisions at a human cost.

I can’t afford to dwell on the negatives. Instead I choose to focus on the experience gained, knowledge accumulated, skills augmented and successes with men I’ve worked with. It’s a very conscious choice…… else I’d be crying bitter tears.

Now if I could only get the taste of bile out of the back of my throat…… 2 hours until I hand over my keys and go.


everything ends


MIA Blog-iversary

October 30, 2009

What with all that has been going on lately I completely missed the anniversary of my start in blogging – which was back on October 20. It also wasn’t here on WordPress but over on Blospot. So, happy ‘3‘ to me. Here’s a link to those initial posts back at ‘The Only Constant Is Change’.

Many thanks to those of you who discovered me there or here and continue to tag along for the ride. There have been some terrific friendships forged and I appreciate each of you.


Signed, Me.