Bad News Comes In 3’s

November 3, 2009

These last few days I’ve felt like I’m being pulled in 16 different directions; dealing with the loss of my job, then Terry’s death, catching up on work around the house, initiating my job search, tending to my sick sweetie. Simply showing up for my meeting last night was emotionally draining. I had really hoped I wouldn’t be the first one there but I was. I wasn’t anxious to take part up front, but I did. Lynda had her flu shot at work last Thursday and has felt like crap ever since and took yesterday off work – a real rarity.

While I was out for an hour today Lynda recieved a call regarding her Mom and it sounds like it’s going to be bad, capital B badĀ – tests pending next week. Lynda is looking into taking more time off so as to be with her.

How am I doing?? Well, coping…. reaching out where appropriate in support of others and talking out the things I need to when I start feeling overwhelmed. ‘This too shall pass…’

Sorry I haven’t something lighter to share here but that is the nature of life sometimes. It isn’t all sunshine and roses, unfortunately.


  1. holding space for you in thoughts and prayers Norm

  2. Investing in faith that things are as they are meant to be. Thanks Kel.

  3. No need for apologies. As you said, life is like that, not all sunshine and roses.

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Norm.

  4. Much obliged Robin. It is what it is.

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