November 18, 2009

I’m coming up for air…. a little re-emergence today. Thought I’d do a bit of catching up here and maybe roam around the blogs a bit.

I see colour again

 Things have been looking pretty dark and dim for these last few weeks but I’m feeling a bit of a turn-around. It’s been a ‘good days – bad days’ scenario; trying to appreciate those spare good moments and so much as possible ignore or downplay the bad. A few points:

– although I’m still suffering with some chest congestion and coughing it seems my virus / chest infection is largely gone. I’m going to try another smoking quit and see if that doesn’t make the difference.

– Mother Mary has one major test behind her but will have to wait a couple of weeks for the next one and probably more waiting for the results. Lynda whipped up to spend the day with her on Sunday. The fear is that she has bone cancer and she is waiting on a biopsy. She has had a catscan.

– I attended that Town Hall meeting last Thursday night which was very interesting and had a wide range of presenters from various area agencies and institutions. I delivered my resume into the hands of the Director of Services of the local detox and mental health and addictions facility…. had a good 15 minute chat. I also met our regional Chief of Police and one of his officers who runs a youth engagement program. 

-Yesterday I got out of the house for a few hours to do some running around. (Lynda’s brother was here to look after the dogs.) I squeezed in an hour long visit with my Mom and got caught up on a bunch of family news. On my way to the door she pressed a cheque into my hand and told me it ought to keep the wolves from the door for a while. Wow, what would I do without you, Ma? My expenses are covered for about a month and that relieves a lot of uncertainty because I don’t know when my benefits will kick in.

crystals everywhere

99% of Lynda’s money goes toward keeping this house going and groceries in the cupboards. One evening she spied these sets of crystals on The Shopping Channel and couldn’t resisit ordering them. We used to have a short curtain across this window but now there are a dozen crystals draped across it which catch the morning sun. Well worth the money, I’d say. (and of course, one of these produced the spectrum of colour in the picture above.)

our big girl - Freedom

It has been six months since Freedom’s original surgery on her knee; 4 months since the second one. One of us is still with her 24/7 because she is still at risk of tearing it up with any quick, vigorous movement. Most days she moves pretty well but when she strains it, she feels it and starts gimping around not wanting to bear weight on that leg. I think she feels changes in the weather, too. I know I used to in the years following breaking my ankle. 

Would one of my posts be complete without a shot of the clouds?? I thought not! Here ’tis:

last evening at sunset

When I get a chance to read I’m into a new (posthumous) compilation of Kurt Vonnegut short stories. For music – I’ve borrowed a half dozen CD’s from the library which include a couple of Diana Krall’s recent releases. I’m in a piano sort of mood.

Thanks all for continuing to check in – that’s what life looks like these days.



  1. glad to see there’s some colour appearing in your line of vision
    love that crystal curtain 🙂

  2. Our perceptions tend to be our reality – Yes?? 🙂

  3. Great pics, Norm. There’s always good stuff amongst the stress and fear and grief, isn’t there. I do love writing/blogging for that reason – helps to clarify. I am madly being thankful this week because … well, because it’s a bit shitty. But you get those, I guess.

    What a wonderful Ma you have 🙂

  4. I hope your weekend is better than your week was. You make a good point about needing to be grateful – especially when things aren’t going well. I did a gratitude list a few days ago and tho short it was powerful to me.

  5. hey Freedom
    hope your leg is healing well

    i had hip surgery when i was a little pup, then patch up surgery after a pitbull attacked me, so i know what it’s like to be in pain

    my mum is very good and gives me massages, now that i’m older i also like having the hair dryer blow on my spine, it helps ease my arthritis in the morning 🙂

    just thought i’d pop in and say ‘woof’ to you

  6. Sorry wysiwyg, about the delay in replying… I haven’t stopped in here to check for messages for awhile. Freedom will welcome your well-wishes and identifies with your story. She is in the midst of her annual ‘shed’ and keeps me busy picking up clumps of fur between brushings. Free is part Border Collie and part Husky so she has a thick double coat. We have a new sort of brush that doesn’t pull her hair or cause her any discomfort – in fact she quite enjoys it.
    No doubt your arthritis will be feeling better with the warmer weather and basking in the sun will feel good on the old bones. ‘Woof’ to you too.

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