December First ?#*&% Already?!?!

December 1, 2009

funky glass

 Remember when practically everyone smoked practically everywhere?? Theatres, shops, while at work doing whatever sort of job. Those days are gone and as an unfortunate side effect so are most of the ashtrays. I used to have a large, unique collection of them and one by one they have largely disappeared. Some have found new homes or new uses but many of them have simply disappeared. One day someone will find a spot on the earth where they have all migrated to and there will be headlines in the local papers….. Vast Treasure Trove of Ashtrays From Around The World!!!!! Watch for it in a paper near you.


I’ve been invited to a couple of things today. First is a meditation group this morning that runs for about an hour. It is run by a gal who is a psychologist and A.A. member. As opposed to the usual eastern basis she operates from a Christian perspective. If I make it there I’ll report back on it. My friend Cindy invited me and I’m trying to be wary in regard to boundaries here – not sure whether to go or not. I think she likes me. Later on today there is a board meeting regarding the funding formula for the local detox and drug / alcohol rehab programming attached to the local hospital. Apparently the board wants to cut $2.4 million from their budget thereby ham-stringing much of their programming. Emails have been circulating in regard to the meeting and there are a few hundred of us planning to descend on the hall in hopes of making a presentation or a vocal protest in number and volume.


Last weekend Lynda and I rented the movie ‘UP’ on recommendation of YOU GUYS out there and we really enjoyed it. It took a bit to get used to the animation mode but it was a great story, well told. Great for all us animal lovers ( and people lovers ). I did find the first 10 minutes really sad and wondered where it was going but…. ‘SQUIRREL!!!’ will never mean the same again. 

what do you see?? shadowcast


  1. yes, the silly season is upon us in full force

    “squirrel” indeed


  2. Silly season indeed. Retailers here are trying to ramp up sales by running the annual ‘Boxing Day Sales’ NOW instead of the day after Xmas. Incredible, *shakes head*.

    I try to stay focussed on the ‘reason for the season’ instead of buying into the commmercial spin.

    SQUIRREL!!!! LOL, fer sure.

  3. I once worked with 9 people, 8 of them smokers. And yeah, they smoked all day, no regard for the two of us who didn’t. I’m glad those days are over.

    We rented UP. The girls had seen it in the theater. I don’t know. It didn’t grab me. I wonder if that means I’m official a curmudgeon.

  4. I’m glad the smoking stats are coming down from what they used to be. In the day it was quite fashionable, doncha know? My ‘quit’ has turned into more of a slowdown – down to about 10 a day instead of 20 or more. Time to work on those 10 and get them down to zero.

    There were things about the animation I didn’t like but overall enjoyed the story. Is it just me or did the old guy resemble Spencer Tracy?

  5. I like the shadow cast.
    I’m hearing it say ….
    Feed me, Seymore.

  6. little shop of horrors – scary lyrics

    it does look like a giant maw, don’t it? lots of gnarly teeth.

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