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December 7, 2009

Hardy Pansies

Surprised!! That was me when I had a look at the front page of the local paper on Friday night only to find my picture there. I attended that funding meeting last Tuesday regarding the addiction and mental health services progamming that is on the chopping block. This isn’t the same photo that ran in the paper but I’m in this one as well over on the right side.

A little while ago I was out walking Freedom around the block and our postman stopped me for a chat. ‘Hey, you’re famous!! I saw you in the paper!’ I filled him inĀ a bit about the issues at stake. I imagine I’ll take a bit of ribbing at my A.A. meeting tonight.

Weather update – There is light snow falling outside; first of the season.

Yesterday Lynda and I were invited to her brothers place for dinner up in Lynda’s home town. On the way there we stopped to see Mother Mary for a couple of hours. She’s looking rough, weary and is feeling pretty bitchy – not like her at all. This morning is her biopsy so we’re hoping having that out of the way and some answers forthcoming she’ll be in a better frame of mind and feel better physically. Oh, dinner and the company was good. I’ve been housebound way too much lately. Really nice to get out and about for a change of scenery.

Special for Kel - Canada Geese


Special to BJ; & Kel and Sue in Oz

December 7, 2009

This is in regard to the Christian Meditation session I attended last Tuesday. I had a reply from Carolyn, the woman who ran it, which contained some info I asked for. Following that I searched for and found some links.

‘The recorded talk was by James Finley – calledĀ Mediation for Christians: Entering the Mind of Christ. He was a long-time student of Thomas Merton.’

LINKAGE: James Finley

Thomas Merton

more on Finley and Merton

Finley downloads—James-Finley/product_id/3483/?cid=g0262&gclid=CJTFh47UxJ4CFchn5Qodf3o1pg

Wikipedia re Christian Meditation

I haven’t had a chance to go through all of it but will when I can.