Spectacle: Season 2 Premiere

December 11, 2009


Tonight on the CTV network here in Canada is the season 2 premiere of Spectacle; Elvis Costello’s music and interview show where he features different performers each week. Episodes are rebroadcast on Bravo channel on Saturday and Sunday evenings. In the States it airs on the Sundance channel.

Tonight’s episode features Bono and ‘the Edge’ from U2 which has to be considered quite a coup d’etat considering their stature in the music industry. I’ve had a sorta hot & cold take on U2 over the years so I’m hoping this show meets expectations. Looking forward to Edge’s guitar stylings.


I was asked a couple of weeks ago to speak at an A.A. meeting this evening and I really don’t like having a long lead time to consider what I might have to say – I’d really much rather arrive at a meeting, be asked last minute and let it happen. Anyway, I’ve put enough thought into it now that I ought to do alright even though my frame of mind hasn’t been the greatest of late. Today is my 2,335th day in sobriety and I have attained a measure of serenity in day-to-day living. 


Over the last couple of days we’ve had our first major winter storm which included lots of snow, sleet and rain…. and was followed by the big chill and high winds. Temps down to -10C and wind chills of -30C. The snow is now all crusty and about 3 inches deep. And so it begins….. I broke two snow shovels clearing the driveway and need a new one.

We’re getting close to the solstice so days are very short; dawn around 8 a.m. and dusk just after 4:30 p.m. Come on JUNE!!!


  1. The light is coming, Norm. It never seems to be true this close to the solstice, does it?

    Whereas at my end, I get sloppy about the amount of light. I spend so much of winter seasonally affectively disordered, it is lovely to have it spilling over the edges.

    I love what you say here about going to an AA meeting and wanting to just say what you say at the time. I think that is such a wonderful thing. I saw the Dalai Lama talk yesterday. One of the things that struck me (apart from the fact that his wisdom is homespun and available to all) was the totally unselfconscious way he conducted himself. The lights were getting to him, so he wore sunglasses and a visor inside. Looked like an idiot, but who cares, right? Then towards the end he blew his nose, and made no pretence of the fact that he was inspecting the contents of his handkerchief. Just so unselfconscious, it was lovely 🙂

  2. Being there to hear the Dalai is a blessing in itself. I’d be soaking in the experience and reliving it for months. He achieves a difficul balancing act, doesn’t he?? In that he is a person of position he seems curiously free of self. I guess that is what happens when you walk a long spiritual path. Thanks for sharing.

  3. hope both the frame and picture enclosed improve soon

  4. Nice word play; me too.

  5. Congratulations on your 2,336 day of sobriety. It’s a big accomplishment, one you achieve all over again every day. I’m impressed. What you wish for yourself, I wish for you also.

  6. how’s the reframing going?

  7. Pretty good weekend so far….. nice to have some distraction and variety.

    How’re you doing??

  8. did you ever watch Friends?

    I shall have to call you Joey now!

    “how’re you doing” was his classic line

    doin’ fine in the upside down country 🙂

  9. (as it’s your first comment here it went to moderation and any subsequent ones will go straight to post…. sorry for the delay responding but I haven’t been around checking much)

    Many thanks and nice to see you checking in here Quinn. Staying consistent with daily practices is the big challenge… continuing to do those things that work in good times and bad.

  10. Yeah, Friends was a classic and Joey’s character was funny. Glad to hear you’re doing well in USDC.

  11. Hi Norm. Just getting caught up with you and others today. I’ve been a terrible blogmate lately but kind of needed some of my time to myself.

    Would you believe we barely got any of that snow? I’m not sure that’s a good thing. We did get a lot of rain and I find the rain gloomier than the snow.

    I hope you’re doing as well as you sound in this blog post.

  12. Hiya Robin – Yeah, I’ve been out of touch too. C’est la vie sometimes.

    What was really surprising about that storm is that an hour north of here they got over 3 feet in less than 48 hours with drifts over 15 feet. Better them than us, for sure.

    Generally I’m doing well (ahem, better); still good days and not so good ones. As Xmas nears my enthusiasm for looking for jobs is flagging as there isn’t much going on postings-wise.

    I’ll be dropping by your sites to see what you’ve been up to.

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