Bingle Jells

December 17, 2009

Cheer in the Dark

Christmas plans?? A few… and scaled down somewhat from usual. Lynda’s two younger sons will be here Xmas day for the afternoon and dinner. (One of them had an on-the-job accident the other day and will be off work for a few weeks. His back is badly messed up and might have a few cracked or broken ribs.) I’ll be popping in and out at Mom’s place Xmas eve and day; maybe get her out to the shops one day early next week. Seeing as how I’m not working Lynda has allotted the food shopping to me…. oh joy, oh bliss. Best make that list and check it twice.

At the hall where our A.A. meeting takes place there will be hourly meetings put on from noon on the 24th until noon Xmas day. My group got the 7 p.m. slot. Fellow AA’s can come and go and stay as long as they want. Lots of fellowship and savoury things to nosh on. A good place to spend some time especially if you’re struggling or have no one to be with. Afterward I’m hoping to search up a carol service to attend. (Have I ever mentioned I was in my Dad’s church choir when I was young?? Used to and still do love carol services.) { Wish I could still sing like I could then, too }

I’ll be placing a couple of calls to my kids out west before and during the holidays to check in on how their holidays are going. My daughter Sarah is threatening to come stay with us during the Vancouver Olympics – just 60 days away now. Apparently a lot of the natives are going to pack up and leave town cuz the city will be pretty much shut down for regular business during those two weeks. The Olympic Torch relay passed through our town yesterday on it’s way west… it’s in Toronto today.

Here’s a shot of an ornament that I bought Lynda a few years ago when I was in school in downtown Toronto. It’s an icefishing snowman complete with rod and bait being observed by a penguin. Too cute.

fishing for an Xmas dinner invitation

May you all enjoy your time with family and friends during the holiday season…. ( and let’s keep Christ in Christmas ).


  1. Hey, Norm, that sounds like a lovely sort of a Christmastime 🙂 Mine is so lowkey, in keeping with the flavour of my life over the past several years. A family lunch in a park in the hills, and that’s it. Just the way I like to pass the Christmas season 🙂

  2. A lunch with family in park sounds just great to me. I’ll be up to my elbows in turkey… gobble, gobble.

  3. turkey you had to grab and bag yourself at the suprmarket … i just did a grocery shop after work today and it was insane! peak hour in aisle 2, tot tantrum aisle 4, spilled packet of rice the length of aisle 6

    i reckon being a checkout chick would be the worst job at this time of year

  4. I could lead you on an elaborate lie about how the turkeys are free range out on the greenbelt and how we have to shoot them ourselves, pluck ’em for feathers and buckshot but…. no, frozen, pre-basted and pre-stuffed for us.

    I’ll be doing my shopping trip later today. Wish me luck.

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