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Squeaking Under The Wire

December 31, 2009

-10C and Windy Tuesday Morning

With a few hours to go (9) until midnight I thought I’d throw up one additional post to end the year. I mis-titled this shot above – it was taken yesterday once a high pressure system had pushed the storm on it’s way east. I like the ramdom patterns the frost makes when it forms between the windows.

Yesterday's view from the kitchen door

A couple of inches of new snow freshens things up a bit.

how I've been feeling

more what I'm aiming for

radiance and silhouette

Backlit dancers…. that’s what I see.

Oh yeah… happy new year, again. It’s a’comin’. I think I’ll take in a meeting tonight and then visit my Mom for an hour or so, then come home to watch the ball drop. See ya.