Squeaking Under The Wire

December 31, 2009

-10C and Windy Tuesday Morning

With a few hours to go (9) until midnight I thought I’d throw up one additional post to end the year. I mis-titled this shot above – it was taken yesterday once a high pressure system had pushed the storm on it’s way east. I like the ramdom patterns the frost makes when it forms between the windows.

Yesterday's view from the kitchen door

A couple of inches of new snow freshens things up a bit.

how I've been feeling

more what I'm aiming for

radiance and silhouette

Backlit dancers…. that’s what I see.

Oh yeah… happy new year, again. It’s a’comin’. I think I’ll take in a meeting tonight and then visit my Mom for an hour or so, then come home to watch the ball drop. See ya.


  1. wow, that is an amazing photo of a frosty window. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

    Have a great New Year, Norm.

  2. That frosty window looks very appealing having just had a very hot stormy night with no sleep.

    What a clever way to depict moving into fluidity and going with the flow.

    May you receive your heart’s desire in this new year, Norm.

  3. Well, y’all have to come see for yourself one day, woncha Kitty?? HNY!!

  4. Thank you Kel.

    Already saw the celebrations at Syndey harbour on the 6 o’clock news – spectacular!!

    ‘Hot stormy night with no sleep’ – not bragging on your sex life, are you?? *grins*

  5. i’m sure mr x wishes i was


  6. Happy New Year, Norm! 🙂

    I enjoyed your photo journey in this post. 🙂

  7. 😉

  8. 🙂 Thanks Robin and all the best in 2010!!

  9. Hang in there cuz….thinking good thoughts about you….TGCOY….LB

  10. TGCOY2, BJ. Thanks for stopping in. You and C have been on my mind as well. I’ll put up a post soon…

  11. wassup !?!

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