Pithy, Pithier, Pithiest…..

January 20, 2010

…. or just plain pithed.

I’ve held out on posting to date in hopes the tides would turn and I’d have some positive news to share. Well, here it is January 20 and it is ‘same old, same old’. No news to share regarding the job search – same frustration. The financial stress has eased a little but the situation will quickly become problematic at any ‘sudden needs’ expense.

Mentally and emotionally I enjoy enough self-awareness to be acutely aware of where I’m at cognitively, mood-wise and attitude and perception-wise. At times it is downright scary where your mind can take you after a long period of unrelenting stress. Hypochondria?? Ever little ache, pain and twinge is the harbinger of some new life threatening illness. And looking in the mirror I can honestly say I’ve aged about five years in these last 10 weeks.

On the plus side – I have enough to eat; I have a warm home; I have a wife who loves and supports me; friends and associates who care about me.

Things of note: Yesterday I attended the follow-up meeting regarding funding for the mental health and addictions programming run through the local hospital and detox. Yahoo – their funding will stay intact through having creatively shuffled the finances. Had a quick word with the Director from there to let him know I’m still looking for work. (We keep running into one another at various functions so I’m on his radar.)

I regularly attend one hour seminars at the local Mental Health hospital that are put on for other area stakeholders re mental health and addiction. The topics are really varied and the presenters very good.

Last week was my girlfriend Audrey’s 90th birthday and I (we) was invited to a house party held in her honour on Saturday afternoon. When I get a picture or two I’ll post them here – she’s a sweetie.

Today marks 7 smoke free years for Lynda. I’m very happy for her and proud of her. Today is also exactly 6 1/2 years of sobriety for me – 2,376 days – one day at a time.

Sunday I chaired our monthly area A.A. executive meeting and it was the first time I felt I was on top of things and had done a good job of it. Progress, I tell ya…..


I wrote awhile ago about the season 2 premiere of ‘Spectacle’; must have been about 5 weeks ago now. A question?? What the hell were the programmers thinking by airing the premiere….. and then nothing week after week??? What was the point in that?? I’m all geared up and ready to go but they haven’t scheduled the follow up programs as yet. Makes absolutely no sense to me, at all.


Such a contrast between last winter and this one. By this time last year I couldn’t shovel the snow from the driveway any higher; it was shoulder high. So far this season we haven’t accumulated any more than a couple of inches at a time and it has all eventually thawed, melted and disappeared. Last night we got a dusting but you can still see the grass. Incredible!! Loving it!!

Making tracks - Jan 6


goodbye crystals - hello lace curtain


  1. Hey Norm!! Good to “see” you!

    I agree, it is quite scary to see how your mind can operate under unrelenting stress. May it lift for you soon!!

    I really like your gratitude list here. How amazing is that little practice? Puts everything in perspective.

  2. Good to see you too Susie!

    Yeah, the head spaces. Thankfully I have the tools & techniques to manage them a lot of the time. They get dull and worn out through over use at times though.

    Gratitude keeps me sane…. that shift in perspective is invaluable.

    I’ll come have a look at what you’ve been up to lately as I haven’t stopped by for a long time.

  3. hmmm, with all that pith, you might have enough to make yourself a pith helmet, appropriate headwear as you fight the good fight to stay positive in tough times

    it can be a battle

    your photos were intriguing
    both with shadows
    snow showing grass peeking through
    lace showing light peeking through

    glimpses of grace


  4. Hiya Kel – Days are getting longer and we’re enjoying a very mild spell. Brighter days ahead, I’m sure.


  5. Hi Norm, been meaning to comment since this weekend. I saw the pic (in your latest post) of your “girlfriend.” Cute!

    I LOVE your photo of the curtain, light, and butterflies. Hope it is a harbinger of the lightness to come.

  6. Hi YRoma – wonderful to have you drop by. Glad you liked the curtain photo. I rec’d a better photo of Audrey this a.m. from a friend that I will try to put up later on today. She is great; I spent some time with her again on Saturday evening. Such a fun lady.

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