Sharin’ the Love

February 3, 2010

another gratuitous shot of me but a better one of Audrey.

Cindy's shot of Audrey and I

I can’t say enough good things about her; I’m so glad I met her and got to know her these past 5 years or so. Just last year she was an invited panelist at a multifaith conference in India. (I wish I had an audio file of her address.) She was kind enough to advise me during Lynda’s and my separation a couple of years ago and prayed for us on a regular basis. Audrey still is active in sponsoring women who are new to the fellowship of A.A.; is always in attendance at her home group meetings; actively participates in their business meetings; and is out in support of other groups 4 or 5 nights a week. I have yet to see Audrey dressed in slacks; she is always ‘properly’ attired in a dress or blouse and skirt; dress shoes and jewellery. Wise and articulate; patient and loving; warm, friendly and a ton of fun. She has a wicked sense of humour. Everyone should have at least one friend like her.


  1. she sure sounds like one special lady

  2. Yesiree; I concur, agree, give credence to that statement. One in a million.

  3. Nice shot and very young looking. Kind of timeless.

  4. an ageless beauty, she is.

  5. Lovely photo. Such friends are a gift. I find, more often than not, the richest people (I’m not talking money) are older and have experienced a lot of life.

  6. Thanks Susan – Too often our older friends get shuffled to the sidelines as though they haven’t anything to offer. How untrue that attitude is…. they have much to pass along.

    I’ve been following your latest posts and hope resolution is coming your way. Patience…..

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