Friday Noodling

February 5, 2010

line + colour


holding up the leaden sky

photo credit – Lynda. Taken while on an Xmas sleigh ride through the woods.



  1. a xmas sleigh ride through the woods
    awww, c’mon, that is so not fair to those of us who’ve been sweltering through a long hot week of summer!

    lucky you

  2. Yeah…. horsedrawn by a pair of Clydesdales, too. So cold the steam was rising off their sweating backs.

    Everyone but Lynda was bundled up to the eyeballs with heavy coats with hoods, scarves and hats. ‘Miss Hot Flash’ was content with a sweater and light vest.

    Geez, sorry to hear that you’re sweltering – you make me more than a little envious. Mind you, here we are into Feb already….. the end is in sight!!! Our turn next!!

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