One Shiny Thing

February 19, 2010

how many carats???

That’s all I got going right now…. one good thing. And it all has to do with that ‘truly unmerited gift’ I mentioned previously. (Which I am enjoying tremendously)

Everything else is the SAME….. bless me or dammit; I don’t know which.

I’ll be back when I have something worth sharing. Ciao.



  1. wow, that’s some gem there!
    one shiny thing like that has more than enough facets to capture and reflect the light

    be well

  2. Yeah, you just wouldn’t want it on your ring finger… you’d be walking lop-sided.

    I’ve been given a lot to reflect on just lately (wink). Thanks! & you too!

  3. Beautiful, Norm! I love shiny things. And pretty colors. That’s what prompted me to get up way too early this morning. I had a glimpse of pretty colors that I knew would be followed by a big shiny object. 🙂

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