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Geez… March 1 Already

March 1, 2010

Breakwater at Whitby Harbour

Wow; time flies! I’ve spent way too many evenings watching the Olympic competitions even though I have little interest in most of the individual events. You get sucked in, I tell ya. Such  strength, courage and passion from all the athletes. Awesome.

Sorta sorry to watch the closing ceremonies last night…. enjoyed most of it but the comedy segment wasn’t funny, speeches a bit too long and poking fun at ourselves with all the national clichés was…. a little too clichéd. Great to see Neil Young, Alanis and Avril performing though. Wonderful that the Canucks beat the Yanks in the final hockey game for the gold medal. A very even, well fought contest between two great teams.

Weather-wise we’re enjoying milder temps (hovering around 0C) and finally some sunny skies today. We’ve been blanketed with clouds forever. I’m sure we’ll get another blast of wintery weather before it’s all over but this break is much-needed. Last week we had 2 snowstorms which were the first we’d had in 5 or 6 weeks…. they were slipping to the north, south, east or west of us. There is almost no snow left on the ground as of today.

Sunset to February

This week I hope to catch up with some of my regular blogmates and see what has been going on….. I’m completely out of touch these days. Must fix that.

Zip, zero, zilch happening on the job front. Had a nice half hour long conversation with my boss last week and it was nice to hear he’s feeling much as I am. Old, useless, maltreated, wasted, etc., etc…… misery loves company. *note to Robin*, if you read this you’ll laugh but my level of desperation is such that I put in an application at ‘the Evil Empire’ last week. Maybe I can get a job as a pharmacy assistant???