Geez… March 1 Already

March 1, 2010

Breakwater at Whitby Harbour

Wow; time flies! I’ve spent way too many evenings watching the Olympic competitions even though I have little interest in most of the individual events. You get sucked in, I tell ya. Such  strength, courage and passion from all the athletes. Awesome.

Sorta sorry to watch the closing ceremonies last night…. enjoyed most of it but the comedy segment wasn’t funny, speeches a bit too long and poking fun at ourselves with all the national clichés was…. a little too clichéd. Great to see Neil Young, Alanis and Avril performing though. Wonderful that the Canucks beat the Yanks in the final hockey game for the gold medal. A very even, well fought contest between two great teams.

Weather-wise we’re enjoying milder temps (hovering around 0C) and finally some sunny skies today. We’ve been blanketed with clouds forever. I’m sure we’ll get another blast of wintery weather before it’s all over but this break is much-needed. Last week we had 2 snowstorms which were the first we’d had in 5 or 6 weeks…. they were slipping to the north, south, east or west of us. There is almost no snow left on the ground as of today.

Sunset to February

This week I hope to catch up with some of my regular blogmates and see what has been going on….. I’m completely out of touch these days. Must fix that.

Zip, zero, zilch happening on the job front. Had a nice half hour long conversation with my boss last week and it was nice to hear he’s feeling much as I am. Old, useless, maltreated, wasted, etc., etc…… misery loves company. *note to Robin*, if you read this you’ll laugh but my level of desperation is such that I put in an application at ‘the Evil Empire’ last week. Maybe I can get a job as a pharmacy assistant???



  1. yeah, march has snuck up on me this year too

    i saw some of the closing ceremony of the olympics, it was a very patriotic presentation- “Hi, my name is Mike, and I’m a Canadian” to which the audience roared back to Micheal J Fox who stood there as a diminutive figure on a sea of ice

    the other Mike, the jazz/swing crooner Buble attempted to charm the crowd before throwing across to a rock act

    the dancing maple leaves were interesting too

    I like your photo of the sheets of ice at Whitby Harbour – i can feel the cold from here!

  2. Both Michaels are loved here but especially Fox because of his fight to regain optimal health. Buble because of his energy and obvious talents.

    The small Aussie contingent represented them selves well in competition – good to see.

    It feels as if spring is just around the corner…. end of the big chill for now.

  3. Both nice photos, Norm. I was out of the country for the last week of the Olympics. I was kind of sorry to have missed it. Only saw a snippet of the closing ceremony. I returned from my trip with a chest cold, so I was too out of it to watch. Loved seeing k.d. lang during the opening. Wish I would have seen Neil Young. He’s a favorite.

  4. Neil is #1 for me. What a guy!!

    I’ll have to catch up with with you and QM. Back in VN again?? Get rid of that cold girl!!

  5. Oh no! Not the Evil Empire! Ack!

    But if you must (understandable!), go for the pharmacy if you can. It’s a better option than the rest of the store.

    I’m hoping your snowmelt means I’ll see similar conditions when we get home tomorrow.

    I missed the closing ceremonies but saw quite a bit of everything else (including that last hockey game). Congrats to your team! Well done. 🙂

    Both photos are beautiful.

  6. Ha, ha… yeah, wouldn’t that be a kicker, working there. Ah, memories eh Robin?

    Looks like your holiday has been wonderful (G). We have NO snow!!! Bulbs beginning to sprout in the garden – wow!

    Congrats on the silver – your guys earned every bit of it. That game was a grinder.


  7. I found myself really engaged in the Winter Olympics myself this year. In fact, I was a little sad this weekend when I couldn’t get my hit of curling or hockey.

    As for the closing ceremonies, I was a bit tuned out. Though I scared the bejesus out of my pets when the giant inflatable beavers were brought out. I guffawed so hard, I sent all the animals skittering for cover.

  8. Yeah, it’s been tough going through a bit of Olympic competition withdrawal.

    As for the beavers… there’s nothing quite like larger than life CDN beaver.

    I spooked our dogs and cats whenever the Canucks scored in that final game. They were wondering what had gotten in to me.

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