R.I.P. Freedom

July 17, 2010

Dec 24, 2000 -- July 13, 2010

Longtime readers here will recall Freedom had 2 surgeries and a lengthy recovery after tearing her left hind cruciate tendon about 16 months ago. My first night back at work, Monday, I had a hysterical call from Lynda saying that Freedom had done the same thing except with her right hind leg this time. Both of Lynda’s sons were on their way to the house to be with Lynda and Freedom through the night so I stayed at work. As soon as I saw Freedom come morning it was apparent she needed to be put down. She wouldn’t recuperate from another surgery; her healed leg wouldn’t take the added strain.

Sorry to say there is no joy on the homefront these days but we’re coping as best we can.



  1. So sorry to hear this, one thing after another.

  2. oh Norm, this is sad news indeed
    as if you didn’t already have enough of that

    may Freedom rest in peace
    free from pain at last

  3. Oh 😦

    A tear for Freedom, and for you and Lynda, Norm 😦

  4. Oh Norm. I’m so, so sorry.

    *Hugs* to you and Lynda.

  5. just popped in to say
    i thought of you today

  6. thanks Kel – things have been incredibly busy but we’re having more good days than bad just recently. I’ll email you when I get a chance. NM

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