A Bit Of Good News

August 17, 2010

Finally, about a week ago I had a chance to get online to book my flight for my son’s wedding in Calgary on the Labour Day weekend. An event to look forward to at last. I’m going solo as Lynda isn’t up to being away from home for any length of time as yet. Otherwise it’ll be a little family reunion – the kids mom Vicki, our daughter Sarah from Vancouver along with Zeph, and the wedding couple Russ and Melissa, their daughter Madison, plus me!!

I’ve been offered a bed at either Russ’s or Vicki’s places so we’ll play it by ear, day-to-day. The flight out is early Thursday and I return late Sunday.

Kindergarten 1959-60

I had sent this photo to one of my old classmates – Virginia (standing, third from right) – a few years ago and since lost it. She was kind enough to hunt it down and return the favour. Bonus points if you can pick me out of the group.



  1. how nice to have a trip away, and a family reunion, to look forward to
    can’t pick you in the photo – do tell…

  2. I can’t pick you out either. (Never was very good at that — probably couldn’t pick out myself!)

    I’m glad there is some good news and something to look forward to. Seems to me you needed that kind of balance in your life.

  3. Getting excited about getting away for a few days now…. getting close. Just a couple of nights work to have out of the way.

    That’s me in the back row, third from the right also, right behind Virginia.

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