Great Ball o’Fire

August 29, 2010

shadowy me

How do you get circular reflections from square windows, I wonder…. and the vertical bands???

This a just a quickie check-in to say ‘hello world’ and that I’m still around. There is more stuff going on but not the greatest of news so I’ll hang on til I something happier to share about… like the wedding and the trip there.



  1. G’day Norm
    lovely to see you (or your shadow) again
    when do you travel for the wedding?

  2. I head out early Thursday morning arriving there before noon their time. Woo-Hoo!!

  3. Good to see you, even the shadowy you, Norm.

    I have never been able to figure out the mystery of shadows and reflections. They seem to have rules of their own. (Well, okay, there is probably some scientific reason for it all but what fun is that?)

    I hope you have a great time at the wedding and along the way there and back.

  4. Thanks Robin – good to hear from you. Yes looking forward to the celebration. Just wish Lynda was going to be with me.

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