Boot Up The Arse

November 19, 2010

… but in a nice way.

Spent an enjoyable couple of hours yesterday having lunch with my former boss and talking, talking, talking. (John, manager of the treatment centre) We hadn’t had much contact over the course of this past year since the big layoff. I think I had him speak at my home group early on there and a few emails have flown their way back and forth but little else.

Funny, while we covered a few topics related to our former employer and some of the rest of the staff we didn’t dwell there. No sense in eating poison while noshing, what? No, mainly we talked about recovery and the work John has engaged in since his departure from ‘the house’. Then we got into a discussion, spurred by some of his recent reading, regarding the ‘disease concept’ of addiction. Privately / individually, we had both come to have some issues with it and it was good to hash that out and get fresh input regarding the topic. He’s to forward a list of titles and authors for me to follow-up with.

Then, that dispensed with, he launched into a blind-side attack on me for giving up on my job search in the addiction, mental health, social / human services arena. He, like me, feels my abilities, talents, and experience are being wasted by working away at my brain-dead pay-the-bills job of 6 months. So he has spurred me to get back into the fray of the job search and scanning area agency’s websites. Must overcome previous disappointment, frustration and hopelessness and continue to slog forward settling for nothing less than contributing where I can be of most value. We shall see.

John was nice about it but didn’t pull any punches either. Damn, just when I was settling nicely into the routine, too. My main problem is that I’m completely resistant to the idea of commuting into Toronto on a daily basis again. I hate adding a minimum of an hour each way to my working day. Been there, done that, hate it. So my focus will continue to be local though the number of places where I could work is limited. C’est la vie!


Reading: hmmm…. this part disappeared. One night this week I forgot to take my books with me so I spent the night reading a variety of newspapers and doing upteen crossword puzzles. The next night I reread Monty Roberts ‘The Man Who Listens To Horses’. Yesterday I reloaded at the library and borrowed 4 books, 5 CD’s and bought a Bill Bryson book at their ongoing book sale. That, along with my Toronto Star, National Post and New York Times Saturday edition, should get me through these next 3 nights. 36 hours of reading on-the-clock.


  1. what an intriguing turn of conversation that was, no wonder you used the word blind-sided!!!

    i can relate to the frustration of living somewhere that options for paid work in field of choice is very limited (or non-existent)

    personally i have found there is some goodness in having any sense of accomplishment outside the house and earning some income, rather than none

    no harm in keeping options open though by keeping tabs on opportunities arising

  2. Sometimes a good boot up the arse is just the thing. Wishing you luck and success in finding a job where you can contribute the most good. 🙂

  3. Thanks to both of you. ‘Das boot’ plus the support of friends may just make all the difference.

    John also suggested picking up a course per semester at the local college / university, which I’m considering.

    …and yes, you’re right Kel. Being employed, being responsible and paying my bills is hugely important. Beats the hell out of stewing about lack of work and money.

  4. so what sort of courses are you considering?

  5. The job situation is miserable in this economy. So many of us struggle with taking a low-paying job just to keep our heads afloat versus hanging on to our careers of choice. Hard to approach job-hunting with enthusiasm if you’ve been looking for a long time. Then there’s the frustration of so many companies not having the decency to respond in any way.

  6. Hi Susan – good to ‘see’ you here once again… and I agree with all you say. The thing is I have to reject the economic realities facing us all and refuse to settle for less than what I want. Blind faith, I think they call it. I haven’t accomplished much so far since writing this but I’m on it.

    Funny you responded to this when you did. I damned near called you the other night to get some unbiased, impartial advise while I was going through a rough spot. Thankfully it passed without me having to bother anyone. (But I’m going to copy down the numbers you provided just in case.)

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