Might Be….

December 17, 2010

monochrome flare

Having a look at my schedule for the balance of the year and it’s unclear whether I’ll have another chance before years end to wish my blog-friends all best wishes for the holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year…. so consider it done. (Tho a little early.)

Many thanks to those who have sent messages of support to Lynda and I through very difficult times. It has been very important to us and much appreciated. Blessing to you and yours.


  1. it ain’t called the silly season for nothing!!!
    things seem to get a bit berserk at this time of year with social gatherings, work commitments and everything else that has to get done in time for christmas etc

    may you find in the midst of it all
    moments of peace and clarity
    hope and joy

  2. Happy holidays to you and Lynda, Norm. I hope this next year brings you peace and joy.

    Love & hugs to you both.

    (The monochrome flare is great.)

  3. Those are four powerful wishes Kel. I’m going to grab them and keep them close to my heart. Blessings to you and yours, too.

  4. All best wishes, right back at you and M. Getting time with your g’kids this year??

    Glad you like that shot – I’m particulaly fond of it and thinking of having a print made for framing.

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