One Month and a Day

January 19, 2011

Where does time go?? Hard to believe it has been that long since I’ve posted here. There are plenty of reasons / excuses with the prime one being that I’ve been sick for almost 3 weeks with a virus that doesn’t seem to want to go away. Plus working wonky shifts; insomnia; anxiety about things going on in that I won’t go into here.

There is also plenty of good stuff to share about like the latest books and music… the books mainly thanks to cousin BJ’s bag o’books that she passed on to me in late November. (On the last one now!!) Plus my first face-to-face meeting with a blog friend – Kel from xfacta (see sidebar link) and her hubby, Mr X.

For good or ill, it’ll all have to wait for another day. This post is pretty much a placeholder and to let folks know I’m okay & still around. ‘Unmerited Gifts’ isn’t going anywhere; I’m just taking it easy and doing all the ‘do’ things trying to get well. That way I’ll be in a more positive state of mind in order to share here.

Greetings from the Great White North

See you soon.


  1. Greetings from the Great White South of You. 😀

    It’s good to hear from you, Norm. I’m looking forward to reading more when you have time and energy and the inclination to blog. Sorry you’ve been sick and I hope you’re on the mend.

  2. man, that bug’s got a grip!
    may the unmerited gift of wellness be bestowed upon you 🙂

  3. 😀 – Good to hear from you too Robin. Yeah, I’m way overdue to be well…. sick & tired of being sick & tired. Three weeks is too long to feel like this. Be back at the blog before long, I’m sure.

  4. Thanks for the good wishes Kel. Here we say if a bug sticks around this long, that it has legs. This one has legs of steel… I mean STEEL.

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