March 24, 2011

height, width, depth, planes, monochrome...

Here’s a reflection of my state of mind lately. Think a blend of constraint, anxiety, confusion with a dash of blah. Although it’s officially spring – and we did have all our snow gone – winter decided to remind us that ‘tah-dah! this is still Canada in March’ and whacked us the last couple of days with a few more inches of the blessed white stuff. Jeez – I surrender; gimme a break.

I’m off this afternoon to the funeral for a friend and former coworker at ‘the house’. Trish was the chief cook and we worked a great many shifts together. Saw one another around the rooms of A.A. a good deal and actually she preceded me as Chair at the executive table during the term prior to mine. Physically she was tiny but she had an enormous spirit and I’ll miss her wise counsel.

Otherwise life trucks along. I’m looking forward to some one-on-one time with Lynda this weekend as we’ve had company during the last few. Hunker down and talk, talk, talk.



  1. looks like a white gridlock indeed
    sorry to hear the snow wont’ go away, I imagine living in through the annual grey slush stage of the snow season would not be fun 😦
    in a few weeks i’m sure you’ll be posting pics of spring flowers or sunshiney days on the lakeside

  2. I’m sure you’re right Kel about the signs of spring in the offing but I’m a tad tired of waiting. At least it got clear and sunny this afternoon…. a change is as good as a rest, right?

  3. *Hugs*

    We didn’t get the snow, but the cold whooshed in and won’t go away. The high today will be 29. At the end of March! Sheesh. I am ready for spring.

  4. I’m with you sister! I’m glad to have another sunny day today tho we’re supposed to top out at -2 with lots of wind. Bring on hot & muggy!!

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