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Alas Poor June

June 30, 2011

thou hast vanished before my eyes. Where goest thou?

‘If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.’ If I had a wish to cash in it would be for a laptop with a wireless connection – so I wouldn’t be tied to this basement room when I want to use the computer. Ah well, I’ve resigned myself to the fact I will never be wealthy. C’est la vie. *reminder to self – check lottery ticket*

So, what’s new? Not a lot… had a week off last week and it was spent mostly, quietly around the house. See, our (remaining) dog Milo went and blew out the same tendon that he (and Freedom) had done before, except this time it was the hind right leg. So, another expensive surgery and long slow recovery. He did it a month ago and his operation was just over 3 weeks ago. Glad to day he is coming along really exceptionally well…. and that Lynda had the dough this time to cover costs. Hanging with the dog at his beck and call – that’s what I’ve been doing.

Last Wednesday was the 1st anniversary of the death of Lynda’s #2 son Craig so we had a house full of family, friends and some of Craig’s former coworkers. Thanks to those of you who remembered and sent mesages of support. Gracias! I think this will be an important psychological milestone to have observed as all ‘the firsts’ have now passed. I’m sure you know what I mean.

We didn’t do any holiday-type stuff last week but I did have a couple of nice drives up to Lynda’s hometown to meet her brother. He’s the one doing the kitchen and living room reno (which is almost complete; still a couple of details to cover off). Instead of travelling on the quick, most direct highway I decided to roam the back roads and dawdle a bit. Here’s a shot I took while driving down into a very wide but deep valley.

Green grasses and trees, wide blue skies, big puffy clouds and open road. Simple yet beautiful.

But along with clouds sometimes comes rain…. and if you’re fortunate the sun comes back out and you see one of these:


Oh, and the lean on that microwave tower is just lens distortion, really.

As you can see I’ve been looking up – at the skies, the clouds, the heavens, and life. Things are looking up all over.


Digit – ized

June 2, 2011

Not So Bad; Coulda Bin Worse

Looks like I’ll likely lose that nail once it grows out a bit. Oh well. Glad I’ve not lost the finger.

So, haven’t been around much as it has been really hectic – lots of running around each day before going to work. Dr appts, physio for my back, trips to the pharmacy, giving stepson #3 rides around town, out with Mom, yadda, yadda, etc. Sometimes I look forward to getting to work and starting my shift because at least I’m planted in one spot for awhile. Whew!

This is really a quick “Hello, I’m still around’ post but before I go here’s another picture I took recently. Ciao for now.

Orange Glow and Trails