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June 2, 2011

Not So Bad; Coulda Bin Worse

Looks like I’ll likely lose that nail once it grows out a bit. Oh well. Glad I’ve not lost the finger.

So, haven’t been around much as it has been really hectic – lots of running around each day before going to work. Dr appts, physio for my back, trips to the pharmacy, giving stepson #3 rides around town, out with Mom, yadda, yadda, etc. Sometimes I look forward to getting to work and starting my shift because at least I’m planted in one spot for awhile. Whew!

This is really a quick “Hello, I’m still around’ post but before I go here’s another picture I took recently. Ciao for now.

Orange Glow and Trails



  1. healing takes time doesn’t it

    when seen together, these two photos tell me a story of what you might have ‘seen’ when you originally hit the thumb !#*!@!?!


  2. yup, right on both counts…. what i said and what i saw

  3. lol @ Kel’s comment! Sounds about right.

    Love that orange glow and trails shot. I hope you get a chance to slow down soon.

  4. That Kel is a bad card; she ought to be dealt with, and soon.

    Hope to post more soon…..

  5. Funny, Norm. 😀

  6. 😉

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