Who decides….

July 14, 2011

… which are weeds and which are flowers?

Queen Anne's Lace


gnarly barley

6 feet tall and about to bloom

 …. and on a completely unrelated note – while I was working last night one of the windows was shot out with a small caliber gun. Thankfully it was a triple glazed one and only the outermost one shattered.

fractured vision


  1. Dude!! Not sure I like that completely unrelated note. Pretty sour note except for the fact that you are alive and well. (I can’t help noticing it’s a cool pic, though.)

    I love your flowers. None of them are weeds to me (and it’s great to see we have the same stuff bloomin’ right now). I think it depends on how your garden grows, so to speak, as to who decides. 🙂

  2. That was strange Robin – your comment went to moderation. Shouldn’t have. Hmmm…..

    I have new ‘unrelated note’ pics to post momentarily.

    ‘Weeds’ has such a negative connotation, I think. They should just be appreciated for what they are. Guess we’re in the same biosphere / temperate zone to have the same plants at the same stage of growth. 🙂

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