Everything Looks Different…

July 15, 2011

… in the daytime

Back when I was working in the print trade I was a camera operator (primarily,  among other things). Besides the line shots for copy there were always lots of pictures to shoot too. Usually it was just the screen values that changed depending on what sort of press or paper it was being printed on – number of lines per inch; 55, 85, 100, 133, 150, 200. And they would be standard b&w half-tones,  or duotones and sometimes tri-tones (blk + 1 or 2 other colours). Every once in a great while I was called upon to produce a mezzotint and I always liked the effect this screening gave to the photographs.

My point? I took some shots through that broken window when I arrived at work yesterday and the mezzotint effect is pretty pronounced. Shazaam – no filter or screen required. And after having been looked at by all the grand poobahs they figure it likely wasn’t a 22 bullet – maybe a pellet gun or slingshot. Dunno – hard to say. Don’t think it was someone just chucking a rock tho. Anyway here are a few shots. Let me know what you think.


  1. the vandalism sure did provide a creative filter effect all it’s own
    clever capture Norm

  2. I think it’s pretty cool, Norm. Nice effect, especially knowing you were not harmed in the creation of said effect. 🙂

  3. Thanks Kel!

  4. Thanks Robin – I kinda like it too. 🙂

  5. There’s an app for that effect… 😉 Hope all is well Norm…


  6. Seems there’s an app for just about everything …..

    Thanks for stopping by Ron – good to see you again. 🙂

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