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Another Year Older…..

August 21, 2011

…. and deeper in debt. (?) {is that how it goes? name that tune}

Had a hodge-podge of a day yesterday on my birthday. Got quite a bit of work done in the yard and lots of running around done. We didn’t wind up eating dinner til about 8:30 or so – late for us. Our neighbour ‘crazy ella’ and i share the same b’day so we had her in for dinner too.


 Owen’s dad came and picked him up this morning so he was a little boo-hoo-ey pulling away. He’s going to miss his Gramma lots.

Can’t recall if I wrote about this or not and too lazy to look but I had a one week change in my work schedule whereby I actually got to spend a portion of the evenings with Lynda and Owen this past week. It took only a couple of days for the ‘powers that be’ to realize their plan wasn’t going to work the way they had envisioned. Tomorrow I’m back to my regular evening gig. ‘Whatever – just pay me come the end of the week.’

i know, i know... another 'shadowcast'

Lynda and I were supposed to go to a family ‘do’ today but I begged off this time. I picked up a cold that Owen had at the beginning of the week and I’d like to rest up today and try to nip this one in the bud. Speaking of which….. the sofa is calling my name in it’s siren voice. Coming…… 

Oh, a quick p.s….. I finished ‘Running With Scissors’ and it was a good read. Had I known when I picked it up that it was about a young kid’s realization growing up that he was gay, and included his first homosexual experiences and love story…. I probably would have went, ‘nah, not interested’. But I’m glad I read it; well written, thought provoking, different perspective, etc.