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Catchin’ Up

October 7, 2011

Wow, it’s been a long time since posting here. Time is just a flyin’ along. I haven’t much time here today – just wanted to say hi; still around.

This week has been about getting back in the groove at work; doing up a bunch of laundry; cutting the lawns; taking Mom out to shop, get her hair done and vote.

Yes, we had our provincial election yesterday and I’ve seen only just a wee smattering about the results. The party I voted for (Liberals)¬†got back into power but with a minority this time. They should likely team up with the New Democrats to push through some socially responsible programs… and shut out the Conservatives that are all about hacking away at programs that help ‘Joe Mainstreet’.

I’ll be checking out the details about this victory but one headline I saw astounded me – a new low for voter turnout not seen since the 70’s. In this day and age I find it incredible that so many people are apathetic about the electoral process.

Near Banff, Alberta

I’ll write a bit about my trip next time. Long Thanksgiving weekend here with family coming to stay over – roast beef & turkey and all the fixin’s. Woot-woot!