A Little Skywatch Friday

October 27, 2011

Now I haven’t contributed here for a long, long time so I’ve refreshed myself with the hows, the whys, and the rules. This post goes out to my blogbuddy Kel at xfacta to whose gentle proddings I have succumbed. She’s a good lady. (oh, … and BTW, my most viewed post ever was one for Skywatch … let’s go for a record!)

So here I am about a 30 minute drive east of Toronto’s suburbs on the north shore of Lake Ontario. We had a gorgeous stretch of weather a few weeks ago over our Thanksgiving weekend but since then (with the exception of a couple of hours on a couple of days) it has done nothing but rain with pretty much solid cloud cover. To whit:

cold front closing in

This one was taken while driving to work using my Samsung cellphone. The clouds looked to me like a wave breaking ashore.

Later on at work I got this one:

looking a little threatening

with the clouds glowering over the tops of a couple of the university buildings. But just so you don’t think it has all been like that forever and a day (tho some days it has seemed like that) we also get a few patches like this:

a sunny autumn day

 Just for good measure – last month I was visiting my son and his family in Calgary AB and I took this one as we neared Banff on a wee day trip.

Mountain, Sun, Cloud

Thanks Kel for the nudge. Enjoy folks – be back sooner than later next time. (p.s. – you’ll notice there is a ‘word cloud’ on the right sidebar. There are half a dozen other posts under ‘clouds’. Feel free to browse.) And check out other folks Skywatch contributions too: LINK


 Skywatch Friday


  1. I love those first 2 mattress clouds on top! Comforting.

  2. I always like the patterns those quilted clouds make, like in your top two photos. Off to see your others posts.

  3. great series of pics!

  4. Glad you found something you like. I’ll swing by your place for a look-see.

  5. Thanks for stopping by – I’ll return the favour.

  6. Thank you Tanya

  7. Beautiful clouds…. those are the days I want to stay home curled up with a good book and something steaming in my favorite mug 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by on my first Sky Watch Friday!

  8. Well, congrats on your first submission. Touring around other folks sites is a good way of catching a glimpse of life around the world. Thanks for stopping in and caring to comment.

  9. Beautiful clouds, Norm. We’ve had a lot of rain too. The sun just made a brief appearance a few minutes ago, but didn’t stay long.

  10. The sun looks like coming out of a volcano in the last photo.

    You are right about the plane. I was taking the photo of the plane when the sun almost blocked it. You have a keen eye.

  11. It’s been a mixed day today but with more sun than cloud. It can stay that way so long as I’m concerned. Enough gloom for me for awhile.

  12. Thanks Ann for coming along and checking things out. Come back again.

  13. Incredible skies! Nice post.

  14. Thanks Peter.

  15. hey Norm, great to see you participating in skywatch again
    of course it’s the first week I didn’t play for ages 🙂
    but the good thing about skywatch is the great cloud of witnesses out there who play and meet in cyberspace to appreciate images of the big blue
    particularly drawn to your last photo here, “mountain, sun, cloud’
    it speaks to me of hope

  16. Yes, hi Kel. Figures that my synchronicity would be a week out of whack. Ah well…. stuff happens. Nice to get back in the game and see what so many others have posted. A wee tour out of ‘my own back yard’ and into others places. That last shot was taken while my son Russ was driving and I just kept taking shots as we arced around the mtn. A lucky grab, that one.

  17. Fantastic skies! I love the drama in the first and second shots. 🙂

  18. Thanks – for the visit and comment. Looking west across the top of Whitby toward Pickering and Markham.

  19. Gorgeous shots. Sunset on your work building, too.

  20. Thanks Susan. There’s two things I love – taking pictures and listening to my music. Oops – 3 would be Lynda but not in this order. She’s #1!!

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