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Parallax Distortion

November 11, 2011

…..deceives what the eye perceives.

During the time I’ve been blogging (just had a peek at the original blog to see that I started in October ’06 ! – 5 years ago) I’ve tried to keep my posts in the tasteful range; not to shock or offend anyone’s sensibilities. I may struggle from time to time with boundary issues but everyone has their own set of peccadilloes, I suppose. Anyway this photo that I’m about to post would be considered strolling up to the edge of said ‘tastefulness’ and having a peek over the side. It makes me laugh, is what it does, because it is SO far from depicting reality…. and I’ve always enjoyed things that trick the eye. So here goes; I hope it gives you a chuckle, too.

Elephant Man

Overlapping shadows from diffuse light sources caused my shadow to look like this. I was walking past and paused wondering, ‘why I was going to this room and what had I planned to do there anyway? and noticed the shadow. Couldn’t resist shooting this image.

So, that’s my Freaky Friday Fhoto. If it gave you a giggle, please say so. If it didn’t… click away to your next favourite blogger. Enjoy your weekend!