1, 2, 3, 4, 5…..

November 30, 2011

continuous days of rain.

I was going to bitch about all the moisture we’ve been enjoying but I just went upstairs for another coffee and it’s SNOWING!!!! We have been getting a lot of unseasonably warm temps, well above normal, and thought we might get through November without any snowfall. C’est la vie. Hold on – here we go!

Just Because


  1. lol! That’s the weather for ya. Don’t like it? Just wait. It’ll change. It’s snowing here too.

  2. Ha, ha…. had to go for a drive. Such fun!

  3. unseasonally hot here too / then cold
    33 C one day then 17 C the next
    what to wear!?!?!?

    cool capture of the infinity symbol

    now, where’s my snow boots
    oh, that’s right, they’re in the back of the cupboard behind the sandals 😦

  4. What to wear indeed…. lately it’s been anything to keep the wet at bay. My windshield decided to spring a leak right over the drivers seat and guess who wound up with a soaking butt? Saw some of those snow shoes we were talking about. Thinking it’d be a good way to get some exercize.

  5. oh dear, a leaking windscreen would not be what you want in that kind of weather

    snowshoes are fun, but jolly hard work

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