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This by Irving Penn

December 15, 2011

In that Irving Penn image search I came across this photo. It’s one I cut out of a photography magazine back in the 70’s and has been on continuous display ever since in a little black frame. Stunning visual impact in high contrast.

Vogue - April 1950 cover

Copyright – Vogue; Estate of Irving Penn. All rights reserved. Post will be removed upon request.


Not Irving Penn

December 15, 2011

….whose body of work included some of the most famous and notable of people but also the mundane details of the everyday like cigarette butts.

Nor, Rorschach and his famed ink blot psychological tests.

No, these are a few coffee, hot chocolate and latte spills.

X marks the spot

you go that way; i'll go this way. meetcha laterhigh impact

On a related tangent…. another found shot.

air kiss

A completely unrelated note – It’s been raining steadily since yesterday afternoon and I’M NOT COMPLAINING because ordinarily at this time of year it would mean shovelling snow… and I’m so not into that. So, rain away and stay mild…. bring it on, baby.