January 25, 2012

Yo-yo, rollercoaster….. that is what this winter has been like so far. Lots of fast moving fronts coming from all directions.

Frosty View

This shot was from after one of just a very few really cold nights. Any time we’ve had a snowstorm it has stayed on the ground for a couple of days because it’s been followed by days of rain. This, to my mind, is what a Vancouver winter would be like. Nice, but I’m not used to it being so mild and wet.

I haven’t been around here much because there really isn’t much new. I was sick for those first couple of weeks of the year and have been taking it relatively easy on myself – not pushing to ‘get things done!’. A few outings with Mom, a visit from Owen and his Mom, a dinner out with a few of Lynda’s siblings…. that’s about it.

Imprint Oak

The weather hasn’t been that condusive to picture taking either so I don’t have much of anything to share thataway. I will be back though – sooner than later, I hope.


  1. as your winter is hotter this year, so too is our summer
    great imprint on the ice
    very appealing right now
    good to hear you’re taking life easy and allowing some soulspace

  2. When we both get a little richer we’ll have to talk about swapping homes for a month or so. Don’t know if I could convince Lynda to endure the heat tho. It’d be fine with me…. & thanks Kel!

  3. Ooooh! Love that oak imprint. 🙂

    The weather is weird this year. Rain, snow, rain, snow. The ground is so mushy that I don’t care much for going out for a walk.

  4. Glad you liked the imprint. Don’t know how long it must have been lying there to have done that. (!?!?) Yeah, wonky weather. This winter you can bet on it being very different every other day or so. This morning was clear and sunny. It started snowing this afternoon and we have 3 – 4 inches now. Crazy….

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