Marching In Like a Lion

March 1, 2012

so, it should go out like a lamb.

Fluffy Dusting

In the last 24 hours we’ve seen it all – high winds, heavy wet snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain and back to no wind and light fluffy snow. The driving has been fine as roads were just wet but I thought I’d be blown away walking between my car and the buildings on campus yesterday. Getting away from work last night was a bit of a chore because it took a good 10 minutes of steady scraping to relieve my windows of their casing of ice.


This morning it is absolutely still with light snow drifting down…… silent and beautiful.

This morning didn’t get off to a good start though. I heard the phone ringing before I got out of bed and thought whatever it is will wait. It turned out to be a call from my manager wondering where the keyset for my building might be. Yikes – turned out to be in my work pants pocket. So, I’ve made one trip to work and back already today; and extended apologies all round. I guess my record for perfection has taken a dent. 😉

Time to get cleaned up and do it all over again.



  1. It’s been blustery and snowy here too. Now it’s warm and blustery. The winds are getting to be a bit much lately.

  2. It feels downright tropical here tonight. Furnace is off and windows open. Go figure…. it just keeps getting stranger.

  3. Same here, Norm, but I hear it’ll be cold again by this evening. I wish it would pick a temperature and more or less stay there. It’s hard to acclimate when it keeps changing like this.

  4. I hear you…. near 50 at this time last night and below freezing tonight. Make up your mind already!!!

  5. Sigh…… waking up to snow. Won’t last long, I’m sure.

  6. We had snow too. Just flurries. Very windy and cold, too. Brrrr!

  7. Sunny and 70F would sound a lot better. 🙂

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