May 28, 2012

Yes, on what I wrote last week…… saying I was looking at the bigger picture. Over the weekend and today I’ve been ruminating on the BIGGER picture and trying to get out of my own head a bit…. considering the fundamentals not the economics and conflicting b.s.

Loyalty, love, commitment, perseverance, unity, honour.

Now I feel a little ashamed of myself for having thought otherwise.


don’t look directly at the sun

One of these days I’ll get it right; one day at a time.



  1. some big panoramics you’re considering there Norm
    kind of goes with the photo you posted 🙂
    sounds like you believe you’ve seen the light

    if you’re going with your gut, following your heart, not letting shoulds, musts, ought to’s dictate, that will give you the ‘e-energy’ (emotional energy) to follow that path, it should also release you from any shame or embarrassment

    may it be so

  2. Further reflections… fundamentals are the basics so aren’t the BIGGER picture at all. Micro not macro. Values, ethics, belief systems, morals are the building blocks of character and relationships.

    E-energy sounds good; hand in hand with mental and physical stamina. Thx, Kel.

  3. wishing it all for you

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