Seasonal Change

June 8, 2012

… or sea change. Whatever, I’m feeling quite a lot better. Meds seem to have made the difference; I’m more active, have more energy, better outlook, etc.

I still have things on my plate that stress me but I don’t feel overwhelmed. I don’t think the situations are going to work out to my liking but I have the tools to work around that stuff.

Check out this little girls enthusiasm – what started as a home video became a tv commercial.


If I ever get feeling that way about life I’ll let you know….. but she did make me laugh.



  1. good to hear things are improving on some counts
    love that video, oh to have the enthusiasm of a kid again

  2. I’m so glad things have been improving for you, Norm. 😀

    If I ever feel as good as that little girl, I’ll be sure to have someone video it. That was wonderful to watch. (I’m pretty sure my video wouldn’t be nearly as cute, though.)

  3. This comment slipped by me somehow….. busy weekend I guess. Thanks Robin. I thought the wee tykes attitude was precious to behold.

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