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Special: Old Bird Sun

July 18, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday!!… and your insides appear to be just fine, young lady.


Sittin’ On Top Of The World

July 5, 2012

I was just listening to that song on the way home from work and thought it a pretty apt description of my state of mind these last couple of weeks. Sometimes it takes something external – like the prospect of new work – to nudge you over the final bump in your personal road. Looking back it is seeming clearer that part of the problem was operating so much of the time in isolation; probably 80 – 85% of the time I was alone either at home or at work. Phone calls, blogging & time spent ‘connecting’ via Facebook really don’t cut it although those means certainly give that illusion sometimes. Some of you used to be¬†recipients of fairly regular and sometimes lengthy emails where we would share views on topics til we’d run the subject to ground. Haven’t done that in quite a while with anyone though I see that as a healthier means of communication. Not to worry because for months there I really wasn’t up to it. Now I won’t have time for it.


“Reach Out” – an unwanted portrait of my sister-in-law

So, in a snail mail letter to Kel I told her that I’ve considered lately deleting my blogs – the original ‘Constant Change’ and this one, too. I find it to be one of those things which is particularily difficult to decide…. I keep flip-flopping back and forth without reaching a decision one way or t’other. That’s in the wind so if you decide to take a romp throught these pages and wish to copy anything – go ahead.

Right now my focus is on completing my last series of shifts for my current employer and getting primed and ready for my new assignment. Review, review, review…. and Google alerts for current trends in addiction treatment. When I gave notice that I was leaving my job I told them I wanted to stay on as casual part-time staff. Tonight I was asked to choose from a selection of available shifts over the next month. I guess they really don’t want to lose me; who knew? Time to let them know my choices. Ciao fo now, peeps!