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February 15, 2013

I happened to check my email address which I use for this blog (recently recovered) and saw a new post from Amuirin was up at Stop & Wander. So, should you follow the link you’ll find she has eloquently expressed my feelings about the crew of us who used to hang together so frequently about ‘the blogs’.

Since I began working my new job in July my focus has really shifted. As with any job I try to bring my best on a daily basis and I’m really happy to be working back in addictions again. I find carrying a case load again to be taking a larger toll than it used to do though… more home time and attention is being directed to doing up case notes and phoning family members of clients.

Happy to have some of you as friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now LinkedInĀ and should anyone else wish to get on board just email me here….

Cheers – I hope everyone is doing well. Miss all of you. Norm.