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Nine Times Nothing II

November 23, 2011

Oh, it’s one of those mornings when Milo had me up far before I wanted to be out of bed. Just wanted to snuggle back down into the warmth and catch a few more zzzz’s. What is it they say about best laid plans? Ah yes, they often go awry. Murphy!  Sort of a brain-dead haze in front of the computer catching up on news and posting a couple of pics on Facebook.

Things to do – must get motivated and moving. Murphy!


Looks like the cloud is cupping the sun, doesn’t it?

My Attitude Adjuster

(The image above is the intellectual property of my friend Lea Kelley; all rights and credit for its creation are hers. Her writings can be found here: ) 

Must choose my attitude before I head out into society at large. Clean up; show up; give it a shot.

Sidewalk Chalks

Co-ordinate my colours and put a smile on my face.

My Yoda

Seek wisdom from the ancients. Ssssh…. listen and you will hear.

Okay – I’m ready to face the day. Have a good one!


Product Endorsement

November 21, 2011

Seeing as how I’m not overly impressed with an awful lot these days (well, certain music, certainly) I thought I’d share this….. because I think it IS beautiful and well executed.

Lynda bought this from a friend at work who sells for PartyLite. It’s a crackled glass cylinder with what looks like a silver acetate overlay adhered to it. The overlay has been stencil cut or otherwise etched away to create the tree silhouette. It looks good during daylight but really comes alive after dark with a candle glowing within it. The crackle glass gives it a shimmery effect.

Indirect sunlight – avec Buddy
Reflecting Sunlight
Illuminated from Within

Now why couldn’t I have thought of something like that? Simply beautiful.




Strike the Pickets

September 1, 2011

For the first time today I’ll be exposed to a job action where the employees are in a legal strike position and are picketing their employer. I’m sub-contracted to work at one of these sites and I’m hoping for a quiet day tho I do expect to be delayed at the line for an ‘information session’ as I enter the property. Today I think I’d rather be bored than overly involved. Oh, and as for the title of this piece – it isn’t intended to have a violent slant, tho I can see where it could.

how high blue sky?

Saturday we were at a nephews wedding on Lynda’s side of the family. All 5 of her sisters and 9 of 10 brothers showed up (plus Mother Mary, spouses, kids and a few grand kids) so, quite a crew from the groom’s side. And a good time was had by all; we didn’t make it in the door til almost 3 a.m. Sunday was a low key, rest-up for the workweek kind of day.

where else would you see a shot like this? really!

Well, in my FB albums titled Randomness and Randomness2, perhaps…. but nowhere else I bet.

My daughter-in-law and brand new baby girl were home from the hospital over the weekend and out strolling the park come Monday. Both doing very well. 




May 3, 2011

… a mixture of the good and bad rattling round my brain.

The Good: My daughter-in-law’s second ultrasound was conclusive; they’re having another girl. If they are very fortunate they’ll have a clone of their daughter Madison – one of the sweetest personalities on the planet.

The Bad: Early last week another of my cousins (and BJ’s) died. He had lived a solitary life for the last 25 or so years but had managed to manipulate and hurt his sibs and parents in so many ways it was sick. Strange not to feel much of anything but relief at someone’s passing but that’s the way it is. So long and hope your next life is healthier and fuller.

‘Big’ Picture Bad: Yesterday was Canada’s federal election and the outcome was definitely not to my liking. A majority Conservative government – very scary considering Prime Minister Harper’s modelling on George Bush’s policies and practices (which proved very unsuccessful). Corporate tax cuts; tough on crime; super-jails; militarization; cuts to social services to those who need that safety net most. The Liberal party fell flat and lost many seats. The Democrats had a surge and are now the official opposition (Yay!) and gained many seats. The Bloc in Quebec was disembowelled; leader resigned (Yay!); separatist bastards can go pee up a stump. The Green Party leader won the sole seat for that party in the House of Commons; good on Elizabeth May – a feisty broad whoops, I mean, lady.

More Good: The reason Lynda’s youngest son spent a few weeks here was because with his share of his inheritance he bought a chip truck… and had it here working on it and getting it in shape for the season. Yes Kel – along with french fries, burgers & sausages he is also serving poutine!!…and getting compliments on it, too. His first day in business was last Saturday and I hope and pray that it’s a continuing success for him.

The ‘So-So’: Weather!! Man, will it ever warm up and stop raining? We had 3X as much rain this April as last year – one storm system after another out of western Canada and the American midwest and gulf. I’d really like to ditch the long-john underwear but every time I try going without them I chill to the bone.

More Good: During this last week I’ve been getting reaquainted with a female friend from many years ago – when we were in our early and mid twenties. She was a server at a bar I was a regular at in downtown Toronto – Yorkville – T.O.’s version of Haight-Ashbury… tho these were the ‘disco days’; hippydom having passed. So it’s nice to catch up on lives and stories that diverged for so long.

More Bad: I’ve had a number of Dr appointments lately because, quite frankly, I think I’m getting old. I really haven’t felt well since I got sick on New Years Eve – it has been one thing after another and I’m sick & tired of being sick & tired. So, I’m being pro-active; seeing my MD; being compliant with his suggestions, etc. and even EXERCISING. (God help me) Monitoring mood and outlook for signs of a recurrence of chronic depression – gotta watch that – don’t want to go through another bout of that.

So, that’s it; that’s all for today. The good and bad of it. Choose to have a good day; it beats the hell out of the alternative. I am.



May 28, 2010

Glassful of Light

For me, this has a strong graphic quality  – the low centre placement of the glass, stark lighting, surround of shadows.

(Of course the juxtuposition of the dog’s water dish on the floor makes me say, ‘Doh!’ and chuckle. Didn’t notice that went I clicked the shutter.)

How would it feel to drink a glass of light and what would it taste like??


Quality of Light

May 25, 2010

shining through

My eye keeps coming back to this one despite the fact it is pretty unremarkable unless you dwell awhile with it; let your eye roam around it’s spaces and drift along it’s lines.



December 7, 2009

Hardy Pansies

Surprised!! That was me when I had a look at the front page of the local paper on Friday night only to find my picture there. I attended that funding meeting last Tuesday regarding the addiction and mental health services progamming that is on the chopping block. This isn’t the same photo that ran in the paper but I’m in this one as well over on the right side.

A little while ago I was out walking Freedom around the block and our postman stopped me for a chat. ‘Hey, you’re famous!! I saw you in the paper!’ I filled him in a bit about the issues at stake. I imagine I’ll take a bit of ribbing at my A.A. meeting tonight.

Weather update – There is light snow falling outside; first of the season.

Yesterday Lynda and I were invited to her brothers place for dinner up in Lynda’s home town. On the way there we stopped to see Mother Mary for a couple of hours. She’s looking rough, weary and is feeling pretty bitchy – not like her at all. This morning is her biopsy so we’re hoping having that out of the way and some answers forthcoming she’ll be in a better frame of mind and feel better physically. Oh, dinner and the company was good. I’ve been housebound way too much lately. Really nice to get out and about for a change of scenery.

Special for Kel - Canada Geese


December First ?#*&% Already?!?!

December 1, 2009

funky glass

 Remember when practically everyone smoked practically everywhere?? Theatres, shops, while at work doing whatever sort of job. Those days are gone and as an unfortunate side effect so are most of the ashtrays. I used to have a large, unique collection of them and one by one they have largely disappeared. Some have found new homes or new uses but many of them have simply disappeared. One day someone will find a spot on the earth where they have all migrated to and there will be headlines in the local papers….. Vast Treasure Trove of Ashtrays From Around The World!!!!! Watch for it in a paper near you.


I’ve been invited to a couple of things today. First is a meditation group this morning that runs for about an hour. It is run by a gal who is a psychologist and A.A. member. As opposed to the usual eastern basis she operates from a Christian perspective. If I make it there I’ll report back on it. My friend Cindy invited me and I’m trying to be wary in regard to boundaries here – not sure whether to go or not. I think she likes me. Later on today there is a board meeting regarding the funding formula for the local detox and drug / alcohol rehab programming attached to the local hospital. Apparently the board wants to cut $2.4 million from their budget thereby ham-stringing much of their programming. Emails have been circulating in regard to the meeting and there are a few hundred of us planning to descend on the hall in hopes of making a presentation or a vocal protest in number and volume.


Last weekend Lynda and I rented the movie ‘UP’ on recommendation of YOU GUYS out there and we really enjoyed it. It took a bit to get used to the animation mode but it was a great story, well told. Great for all us animal lovers ( and people lovers ). I did find the first 10 minutes really sad and wondered where it was going but…. ‘SQUIRREL!!!’ will never mean the same again. 

what do you see?? shadowcast


Countdown to Halloween

October 29, 2009

orange & black I

Maples at night illuminated by streetlamp.


orange & black II

Seeing as how I’m overtired, stressed and still sick I’m going to take the rest of the night off; going to plug a DVD into the machine and veg. I think I have bronchitis. ‘David Gilmour In Concert’ sounds like a good Rx.


Under Wraps

October 26, 2009
bound to happen

bound to happen

I’m back from my trip; back at work. I have news but seeing as how I’ve been up for about 22 hours now I’ll keep it under my hat until tonight.

Catch you later……