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What’s Bugging You??

September 2, 2009

It can range from little pests and annoyances right on up to major fears and phobias. Things that make your skin crawl and you shudder.

gnarly winged creature

gnarly winged creature

I spotted this loverly bugger the last week I was on nights resting on the seat of a molded plastic chair. He was 3/4’s the size of my hand with those out-stretched legs. One reason I’m sorta glad summer is winding down is that it’ll spell the end of so many creepy crawlies. One of my pet peeves, especially working nights, is walking into spider webs and having them draped across my face, in my hair and beard. Gack! Stutter and spew!

Last week Lynda decided to take Freedom down into the backyard for the first time since this most recent surgery. It was a nice leisurely stroll until Lynda spotted a good sized black snake threading it’s way through the grass. She found herself in the uncomfortable position of having to remain calm for the dog’s sake, all the while shrieking on the inside. Lynda is positively phobic about snakes and would gladly walk across burning coals than cross paths with a snake. This one was probably a water snake that had roamed the 100 yards or so from the creek running behind the house.

Friday I was out there roaming with the dogs and nosing about the yard when I spotted another one amongst the grapevines and sunning himself atop the fence rail. Knowing how Lynda feels about them I considered whacking him with a shovel and declaring myself the hero… but, one of God’s creatures and all… who am I to take a life, etc., etc. After I took a few shots of him with my cell camera and my digital I brushed him into the long grass over the fence and watched him depart. Looking at an on-line field guide it was probably a Corn snake. Very lightly marked; sandy coloured.

digital - snoozing snake

digital - snoozing snake

cell - another view

cell - another view

When I told Lynda what I’d done she became a raving lunatic, cursing me out and declaring she’d never set foot in the back yard again – why hadn’t I killed it?? So far as I know she’s been good to her word. Lord, she’s ready to list the house! Me, I would have just as soon caught him and put him in a terrarium for a few days.

So, what gives you the willies??


And on the plus side ++++++++ Lately I’ve seen:

– on two occasions – hummingbirds. One checking out our roses; the other zooming over the neighbours house at top speed.

– a crane lifting off from the creek and gaining altitude over the greenbelt. Great lumbering sweeps of his wings getting him aloft.

– one of the largest and most beautiful dragonflies I’ve ever seen. A brilliant, shimmering neon bronze colour.